Welcome to the Devil Island Project and our online fundraising network. Devil Island Project is highly committed to saving the endangered Tasmanian Devils by building large free-range enclosures that are called "Devil Islands".

These double fenced facilities quarantine the Devils in their natural surroundings of their home State of Tasmania as an almost self-sustaining population and have kept them free and safe from the Devil Facial Tumour Disease (DFTD) cancer which has rapidly wiped out up to 90% of the species throughout Tasmania.

The Devil Island Project Group now has plans to raise the funds and project manage the building of two ultimate Devil Islands. A barrier across the Freycinet Peninsular in Tasmania and a barrier across the North West of the State.

These two schemes are called "The Great Devil Walls of Tasmania" (GDWOT).

The scheme in the northwest of Tasmania will fence off and isolate up to 600 devils presently disease free and running wild and keep them protected from the disease. The scheme on the Freycinet Peninsular will fence off the National Park. This barrier will be 4.8 kms long and run from coast to coast.

With your fundraising initiative you can help raise the first $500,000 to get them started on building the fence for the first barrier. Devil Island Project will not rest until all the healthy disease free devils will be kept safe and secure away from the Devil facial Tumour disease.

Your gift will build and secure the future of the Tasmanian devil.

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