Thank you for wanting to be a Community Fundraiser for the Devil Island Project. We hope these tips help inspire you.


Fundraising is a generous and noble thing so give yourself a pat on the back for wanting to help others!


Set yourself a clear goal of what you want to achieve – be specific (eg I want to raise $250 by inviting 10 guests to lunch, each contributing $20 plus selling $50 worth of raffle tickets). It will help you put your plan and budget together.


Are you going to raise all your funds online or are you planning to hold an event? You may consider holding a raffle where guests, friends and colleagues can buy tickets (ask local businesses to donate prizes); running a competition; auctioning a prize at your event or even auctioning one of the items from your event.


Answer these questions to start your event plan and get an idea of your costs: Decide on a date and time. Do you want people to come to your place or meet at a local restaurant or park or hold it at your office? Are you providing all the food or asking people to bring their own food? How many guests will you invite? Will you make it a themed event or incorporate it into Friday office work drinks? Have you got enough items to you need such as tables and chairs etc.? Don’t forget it looks great decorating the venue.


How will you promote your event? Common ways include sending the invite via email, sms, newsletter, etc. You can also send a ‘what’s on’ media release to the local paper and radio station.


Can you get local business to donate items for a raffle, auctions or goodie bags? Or ask local retail food outlets to donate food/vouchers such as your local bakery or pizza shop.


Buying raffle tickets and auction purchases are not tax-deductible. Check for any permissions you may need. Check with local or state authorities in regards to food safety. If in doubt, contact us.


Assign some of the tasks to friends or volunteers. Always think about what people are good at when doing this and make sure each job has a due date. It’s no use trying to recruit friends to help at your event the day before! Always allow more time than you think and don’t do it all yourself!


After all this work, make sure you enjoy your event or activity – you deserve it!


Please bank the money you’ve raised no later than two weeks after your event and return your receipt book. Fill out the bank deposit in your receipt book at take it to the bank or pay by credit card.

Pin up a thank you note with the total amount raised – it’s a great way to thank everyone for their support. Don’t forget to thank any of the local businesses that donated money or items.

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