In Lieu of a Gift

In lieu of a gift is a simple and wonderful way to mark a special occasion like a birthday, anniversary or a loss of a loved one? 

More and more people are choosing to invite their guests to make a donation to benefit a cause that they are interested in rather than receive presents for special occasions.  

These kinds of special gifts are a perfect way to recognise a loved one or a special event while making a meaningful contribution to saving the Tasmanian Devil.

Why not consider asking your guests to make a donation to the Devil Island Project. With your help we can raise the funds needed to build free roaming enclosures (FRE's) on large areas of land that we call Devil Islands and The Great Devil Walls of Tasmania to ensure a secure wild breeding population of healthy Tasmanian Devils free of the Devil Facial Tumour Disease that threatens the future of this beautiful iconic Australian marsupial.

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